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Recap September 1: Insiders Selling Stocks in Droves – Trade War Continues (Recap Ep034)

This week the markets went up, president Trump said that China pretends to reach a deal with the United States and is talking about reestablishing the dialogs.
Corporate leaders in the U.S. are selling their stocks due to the uncertainty around economic growth, more than 600 million dollars in stock have been sold each day during August.
In financial news, investors think that the trade war is gonna put pressure on the interests of the U.S. central bank. Expectation was created with a fall of 25 points (0.25%). The probability of it going down 50 points (0.50%) could be of 5%.
Chinese currency reached its lowest point in the last 11 years in comparison with the dollar. Oil this month is negative by 10%, this is due to the situation with president Macron who mentioned a possible agreement between the U.S. and Iran. Gold went up to its highest point in the last 6 years, silver also finished the week in positive numbers.

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