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Recap November 24: Protests Continue Globally – Stocks Hardly React (Recap Ep046)

On this week’s Recap. US/China commercial war still holds the markets at a low. Last tuesday, Europe’s world shares had its highest in nearly two years after investor maintained their bets. Riots in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Colombia had a new organized protest, three people died.

Bitcoin keeps going down. Central Bank of China lowered its key interest rate since 2015 for monetary easing. US stocks optimism rise. US crude went up 0.09% International Brent down 0.09%. Alibaba Group raised 12.9000 Million Dollars in Hong Kong, making it the largest shares sale in the city in around 9 years for the firm. Schwab plans to buy TD Ameritrade Holding Corp for $26.000 Million Dollars, while the sector is under pressure to the hold of “No Fee Commission”.

Bill Gates becomes the wealthiest man in the world again, his initiative Heliogen, discovered a way to use AI and a field of mirrors to reflect sunlight generating heat over 1.000 °C and so revolutionizing green energy fields.

Uber license in London might be over. Two British treasure hunter in trouble, facing 20 years of jail while failing to testify the find of an Anglo-Saxon treasure valued in $3.8 Million Dollars. Elon Musk’s bogus Cybertruck presentation. Listen the Podcast to learn more and stay tuned for next week’s Recap.

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