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Recap November 17: Stocks at Record Highs – Worst Week for Gold/Silver (Recap Ep045)

On this week’s Recap. Trade war between China and The United States results on records highs. Cryptos down by 6.5% The US Federal budget is heading to an unsustainable path with a $23 Trillion Dollar National Debt. Chile’s coin reaches an historical low due the turmoil the protests are causing to the economy of this country.

US Crude went up 0.84% Brent up 1.50%. Precious Metals had the worst week in the last two years. Bolivian president had to resign his charge resulting in heavy protests. Facebook shuts down 5.4 billion fake accounts.

Alibaba broke sale records in 16:30 hours during Singles Day (Chinese’ Back Friday) had bigger sales than Black Friday and CyberMonday combined. Streaming service Disney+ launched november 12th in The United States, Canada and Netherlands reaching 10 Million subscribers in the first day; HBO took 10 years to reach this audience.

Tesla claims Berlin, Germany is going to be the site of their new factory, named Gigafactory 4, it will be dedicated to build batteries, power trains and vehicles to compete Volkswagen. Venice, Italy hit with the worst flood since 1966 resulting 85% of the city flooded, causing $1.1 Billion Dollars in damages. Stay tuned for next week’s Recap.

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