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Recap December 22: Record Highs & Trump “sorta” Impeached (Recap Ep050)

In the recap of this week, we found that world stocks hovered just off record highs after climbing for 5 consecutive sessions, while U.K.’s pound had heavy losses in the wake of renewed Brexit uncertainty. The latest survey of fund managers showed that a record surge in global growth expectations over the last 2 months, has drastically cut recession worries.

U.S President Trump became the 3rd American leader in history to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. Since the vote was along party lines with Democrats pushing dubious articles, the effort will fail in the Senate which is controlled by the opposition Republicans, thus leaving to the 45th President’s acquittal.

China’s top agriculture consultancy insists that China will make good on a pledge to purchase over $40 billion per year of U.S. agricultural products ($18.7B for soybeans alone), under the recently agreed Phase 1 trade deal between the two countries, even as some trade analysts, remain skeptical.

Netflix shares up over 24% this year; Turkish interest rate cuts will continue in 2020; Self-driving vehicles expand in California; oil prices hovering near 3-month peaks; the German economy is showing resilience overall; the union of tech firms creates “Connected Home over IP”.

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