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Recap December 15: China & USA Agreement – Brexit. HUGE win (Recap Ep049)

This week’s recap was marked by two main facts: The great advance of the agreements between China and the United States to end the trade war, and the elections in the United Kingdom. Stocks around the world soared across the board Friday, on news of an imminent trade deal between the U.S. & China, as well as the end to the U.K. Brexit impasse. Investors now have far more certainty, in what has already been, a banner year for global markets, especially in the U.S.

The U.K. will move quickly forward on Brexit (January 31 2020) after conservative Prime Minister Johnson won a resounding electoral victory, ends 3 years of uncertainty since the country voted to leave the bloc. Out of the 650 parliamentary seats, it seems the Conservative Party has won 364 seats to the Labour Party’s 203. Johnson now has an absolute majority.

Saudi Aramco shares increased 10% when they began trading on Wednesday, in a stock market debut that shattered records, pushing the oil giant to a record $2 trillion valuations before falling back. It is the biggest IPO in history, raising $25.6B by selling 1.5% of the former exclusive state-owned company. That exceeds even Alibaba’s 2014 market debut.

Twitter plans to create a research group; Europe slowly recovers from the trade war; EU agreement to reduce the greenhouse effect to zero; Turkey may finalize terms for delivery of the 2nd consignment of missiles; AT&T has now switched on its 5G; Tesla will increase its output in the Gigafactory; USMCA negotiations continue.

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