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Introducing Our New Day Trading Penthouse in Medellin!

Marcello Arrambide in Medellin

We spent Christmas here overlooking the city of Copacabana (north of Medellin)

Everything is coming together with day trading centers.

Our long term plans have been to train locals in our centers around the world.

For the last 5 years we have been able to day trading and travel in over 80 countries.

Now it is time to give others the opportunity to live their dreams through day trading.

Colombians and others from emerging third world nations make a fraction of what we are able to make in the markets. In Colombia, university graduates are lucky to be able to make roughly $800 a month.

With The Day Trading Academy they can make that conservatively in a day.

The vision is to be able to train the locals here in Medellin and give them an opportunity to help us train others. This is how we run our training program allowing our profitable master traders to teach.  They are able to hone their craft and get better by teaching what they now. Later we will be able to devise trading strategies for the Latin American markets in case they do become more lucrative and profitable.

Although Marcello Arrambide, our CEO and Founder, has been trading for well over 10 years The Day Trading Academy is roughly 4 years old.

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For those of you that don’t know it all started in Ethiopia when students were requesting training after our founder left the previous company he was with.  Now we are even considering a day trading and traveling seminar in Ethiopia to mark our 5th anniversary.

Since we have officially become DTA we have been able to train a slew of master traders that have started to make money consistently in the markets.

With the strong community oriented approach we consider most of our traders to be family.

Many of our day traders join us in the education process to improve their own day trading and also to give back. The day trading center at our new penthouse in Medellin has that exact approach.

We have always kept the training program very small because we decide on quality over quantity.

This isn’t a business for us as much as it is a lifestyle.

Now that we have so many master traders we can now continue with our plans to start opening day trading centers around the world.

The Penthouse in Medellin Roof Getting Fixed

The Penthouse in Medellin Roof Getting Fixed

As we speak the roof at our penthouse in Medellin, Colombia is being fixed. We have contracted roughly 27 in house traders in Colombia, 7 in Calgary, 4 in the United States, and one in both Spain and India. The vision with our these traders is to be able to fuse the world of day trading and traveling.

Traders will be able to come to Colombia, as well as other centers as they are setup, and bring their wives and families.  They could stay at the penthouse while they learn from our in house traders as well as our master traders.

Over the holiday season we had some of our master traders enjoy some time in Colombia.

The legendary Nikolai, the Hit Man who quit his job last year and officially became a professional day trader, helps us run some of our live trading classes.

He brought his wife and he joined us for roughly three weeks to enjoy the holiday season.  You should really see his salsa skills.  One of our up and coming master traders from Brazil also was able to track us down in Medellin. When we were living in Brazil we initially were going to meet and initiate plans to open our day trading center in Brazil.

Day Trading In Medellin

Spending the holiday season day trading in Medellin with our master traders Nikolai and Guillherme

We weren’t able to get together and he decided to come to Colombia to join us for the holiday season.

We did some live trading with our in house traders from Colombia, danced salsa, and crashed a wedding during New Years.

All 5 of us while the Hit Man was wearing shorts. Good Times.

The penthouse is going to feature 5 spacious bedrooms with 4 containing en-suite bathrooms. It is in one of the best neighborhoods in the city called Laureles and sprawls over two floors with 219 square meters (2400 square feet).  Spacious enough to house roughly 50 active traders throughout any specific trading day and a great balcony overlooking the city of Medellin.

The idea is to have a place where our traders in the training program can come and learn in a one on one intensive learning environment.

We have already done a beta test of our in person one on one Military Training in the United States and also Germany.

Soon we will be able to either fly out to where our traders are or they can come to one of our centers around the world.

We are also looking into obtaining another 5 bedroom house near the penthouse in order to host a fully fledged seminar in Colombia.  This way our traders can have their own privacy with our penthouse suites and train during the day.

Marcello Arrambide in Medellin

Marcello Arrambide in Medellin. Cheers to a big 2014

We always try to keep the seminars small in order to maximize the education. We already have roughly 17 traders reserved for our upcoming All Star Pro’s Seminar in February in Tampa.

2013 was a great year for us at The Day Trading Academy and we are already planning an incredible year for 2014.

Cheers to 2014!