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Oct 16th Geezy Master Trader Recap: 2.25 Pts (Giant Leap In Trading)

How’s it going, DTA? Geezy here. I wanted to send in a very simple chart from October 16th. The trade on it is my absolute favorite. The V1 Strike. Nicknamed “strike”, because the entry point for it is right in the strike zone where the FYL Indicator is crossing the Midband.
The chart show above shows one trade for +2.25 points, but its significance to me is as big as Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon, because I am currently living in Methodist Hospital here in Houston.Last week after having a routine procedure my sweet wife had a stroke the day before her 42nd birthday. At the time the news was crushing, because she lost the use of her left arm.
Hang on, because its not too sad. She slowly began to regain use of it a day later and she is just about normal now. This week has been the most adverse week of my life, but I resigned myself to continue trading everyday anyway. Trading live and amending my trading plan to: JUST MAKE A PROFIT…and keep the income comin’ in….then care for her.
Trading using the LogMeIn app on my iPad which accesses Ninjatrader on my desktop computer back at home I took the trade at market open, held for the target and I was done. Seven minutes of work and I can move my mind away from trading and focus on taking care of my wife while she’s in here. Ordinarily I would have put trading completely on hold to look after my family during this time. Anyone would, but I wanted to challenge myself to continue moving forward. Take fear of losing or being unfocused and turn toward it instead of taking the easy route and running away. Trading is what I do so I have to be able to do it in any environment and under any circumstance. When this is all over I will go back to my full trading plan and trade all day, but this is the thing I mostly wanted to share with you. You must have heart and be willing to push yourself to face your fears and conquer them to become a successful, consistent, pro trader.
Also, this hospital has some mighty fine internet service, but I am sick of meeting with doctors about Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome.