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November 27: Peace Deal, Thanksgiving Meal Up 30%, Freedom for Argentina (Recap ep254)

In today’s Recap, Marcello talks about a 4-day cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas to exchange prisoners; Thanksgiving turkey dinner is 30% more expensive since Biden took office. Argentina has elected libertarian Gabriel Milei as its next president, and he promises to change heavily the way the country has been governed over the last decades.

The U.S. home device maker iRobot shares surged +39.08% on Friday at $41.48. The jump came after it was reported, that Amazon is about to win regulatory approval in the European Union to go forward with its planned $1.4B acquisition of the company.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore says the country will put into place tighter rules for cryptocurrency service providers, after feedback on its proposed regulations. In a statement on Thursday, the MAS said that the measures are set to limit potential consumer harm & will take effect in phases starting in mid-2024. The measures to include barring crypto service providers in Singapore from accepting locally issued credit card payments, offering incentives to trade in cryptocurrencies, as well as providing financing, margin or leverage transactions for retail customers.
Irish police guarded looted stores & firefighters dealt with smoldering vehicles in the heart of Dublin’s city center early Friday, after the stabbing of 3 young children sparked a night of rioting rarely seen before in the capital. It took officers several hours to regain control, after the crowd grew to around 200 – 300 people. Police blamed far-right agitators for starting the violence, after a small group of anti-immigrant protesters arrived at the scene of the stabbing attack beside the main thoroughfare of O’Connell Street & clashed with police.
Dutch anti-Islam, anti-EU populist politician Geert Wilders seems set to become the Netherlands’s next prime minister after his Freedom Party (PVV) was leading the exit polls in the parliamentary election on Wednesday. Beating all predictions, the exit poll put Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) at 35 out of 150 seats, 10 seats ahead of the closest rival, former EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans’ Labour/Green Left combination. That margin was far more than expected & appeared to be too great for the outcome to change.
Gunung Padang, a megalithic structure in West Java, Indonesia, may be the world’s oldest pyramid. Recent research suggests the ancient site may predate Egypt’s famous pyramids & is even older than the stone structures of Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe. A team of archaeologists, geophysicists, geologists & paleontologists affiliated w/multiple institutions in Indonesia, found evidence showing that Gunung Padang is the oldest known pyramid globally. Led by a team at Indonesia’s National Research & Innovation Agency, the research suggests that Gunung Padang dates back to the last Ice Age, around 25K to 14K years ago.

Japan’s factory activity remained in contraction territory in November; Germany has been among the weakest economies in Europe in 2023; China’s property market, which makes up a substantial portion of the country’s economy, needs more government support to prevent it from deteriorating further.

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