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December 3: Tesla Delivers First Cybertruck, Charlie Munger Dies, Cristiano Ronaldo Sued over Binance (Recap ep255)

In today’s recap, Marcello talks about the first official delivery of Tesla’s renamed Cybertruck, which is now also known as Cyberbeast due to its characteristics and performance; Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s friend and business partner, has died at 99 years old; Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous football (soccer) player, is being sued for over one billion dollars due to his participation in promoting Binance.

Henry Kissinger, the dominant U.S. diplomat of the Cold War era who helped the U.S. open up to China, forge arms control deals with the former USSR & end the Vietnam War, died at the age of 100 on Wednesday at his home in Connecticut. Kissinger was at the height of his powers during the 1970’s in the midst of the Cold War, when he served as National Security Adviser & Secretary of State under Republican President Richard Nixon. Kissinger, a German-born Jewish refugee whose career took him from academia to diplomacy & who remained an active voice in foreign policy far into his later years.
OPEC+ alliance announced roughly 900K barrels a day of fresh output cuts for next year, but the curbs are voluntary, with Angola already rejecting its quota. In the US, the oil rig count increased by five in the most recent week, signaling a continued increase in the country’s already-record output.
In an exciting recent auction at Christie’s, a Claude Monet which had been held in a private collection for 50 years came to light, selling for an impressive $74,010,000.
The mystery of how the Egyptian pyramids were built may have finally been solved thanks to the discovery of an ancient branch of the Nile river that once flowed through Giza. 100’s of meters wide, the enormous waterway has long since dried up, but could have provided transportation for the colossal amounts of material & workers needed to construct the iconic landmarks 1000’s of years ago.
Heavy snowfall in Bavaria, Germany prompted an all-day cancellation of flights & long-distance trains out of Munich the capital

A senior U.S. State Department official said that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t make peace in Ukraine, before he knows the results of the November 2024 U.S. election; According to the Commerce Department’s 2nd estimate, released on Wednesday U.S. economic growth was even stronger in Q3 than previously estimated.

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