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Nikolai aka The Hit Man

Hit Man loves his ice cream

Hit Man loves his ice cream



  • Name: Nikolai Dimritov
  • Aka: Hit Man
  • Years of Experience: 7+ years
  • Style: Aggressive
  • Daily Average: 4-5 points per day

The Hit Man was born in Bulgaria and happens to be a master of all trades: he cooks a mean steak, worked as a finish carpenter, trained elite body builders, and even used to be a concert pianist before the age of 20.  At 29 years young he has managed to become a full time professional day trader and is one of the Master Trader’s that assist in training new students in our training program.

We met Nikolai at our annual pro trader’s seminar in Toronto in 2013.  There he told us that he would be officially quitting his job to become a professional day trader.  Since we consider all traders in DTA to be family we decided to visit Nikolai when he was quitting his job in order to be there when he “made it”. We did this with many of our other Master Traders as they were achieving their dreams as well.  Here is Nikolai and our CEO & Founder, Marcello Arrambide, celebrating on the beaches of Nantucket Island when he quit his job.  He also was able to make over 3 points his first day after quitting his job.

Nikolai teaching at our MTU in Tampa, Florida 

We invited Nikolai to our new day trading center in Colombia and he has been integral in getting our in house Colombian traders where they need to be.  He is continuing to build his own team of traders from all around the world including Spain and Bulgaria. We invited the Hit Man and his wife to spend Christmas in our new day trading center in Medellin, Colombia and also to plan for the future with our new center in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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