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Meet Our Newest Master Trader: Zeke aka Dr. Z


Another trader that has been through the training program has been promoted (and well deserved, I might add) to Master Trader status.  We call Zeke “Dr. Z” and for good reason. Dr Z can look at the market and make a decision with a compelling market physics mentality.  He is adept at paying attention to specific pivot points as well as buying and selling areas of importance.

Zeke has a unique story, as is the case with all of our Master Traders. He has now reached the point where he is consistently extracting profits out of the market.  Today ironically, I heard him say it was the first time he was day trading while teaching. This is following in the foot steps of one of our other Master Traders.

It was time to take his trading to another level.  That is why he is going to start helping us with our live market analysis classes for everyone in the training program.

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The vision that we have always had is to grow from within.  In order to  properly learn how to day trade ,we must acquire skills from those that have actually been down the same path.

For example, if one wishes to achieve mastery in repairing cars.

We should not be learning from our dad, who works on his own car during weekends.  The best way to learn would be from a mechanic. A gifted technician that preferably has many years of experience.

Zeke joined The Day Trading Academy in March of 2013.  It took him just over a year to be able to master the markets using our unique Congressive approach.

Since everyone is so different, there has to be an understanding that individuals are going to handle themselves in the market in unique ways. This is the primary problem with the often stated “rules based trading”.

Unfortunately, the market doesn’t move in “black and white”.

There are many times when “gray areas” appear. A good trader must learn how to decipher, understand, and react to these market conditions. If we have a structure rather than a rigid set of rules, we can better adapt to quickly changing market behavior.  This is why it is so essential to understand the market, rather than pay attention to indicators or software.

Our other Master Trader, The Hit Man, recently came to Medellin to assist us with our Day Trading Center. We now have nearly 35 traders and he has helped to train many of them,so they could become consistent traders.

Shortly, we will have more information on our Day Trading Center in Brazil as well. One of our other Master Traders will be assisting with the opening of our new center, in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre.

We are continuing to grow! Our vision is to keep on helping new traders and giving them the ability to day trade and travel around the world. The founding of new trading centers will help us with this mission.

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