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The Mona Lisa Trade: 10.25 Points!!!

Military Training.

One on one live trading with one of our Master Traders.

Now we are in Medellin, Colombia for our first MTU.

Military Training University.

This is where we have a small group of people and a handful of our master traders trade in a live market environment.  Everyone from our in house traders, our new Spanish speaking traders, and even new up and coming traders are here in Medellin, Colombia.

Trading in Colombia

Our Master Traders, Nikolai & Manny, taking over the live market class

Here is our crew when we took everyone to a stock market bar. Soon we will be heading to Brazil with both Manny and Nikolai to check out locations for our new day trading center in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro anyone?

Trading in Colombia

And here is Dr. Z’s Mona Lisa Trade.

We call it the Mona Lisa because this is absolutely beautiful.  Although we have been trading live our center all week we had to share this trade with everyone. The volatility and movement we have been seeing is incredible.

10 and 20 point swings. One of things we have been covering in our live trading seminar for a full week, our new MTU, is how to read market structure. How to take off all the indicators and pay attention to what the market is doing.

Imagine being able to read the market the right way and not use indicators? The same indicators that are lagging and calculating information in a delayed fashion. Price is the only thing that is live in the market.

Last, but not least, is the Mona Lisa trade. Dr. Z took 10.25 points and ended the day with one small loser and one giant winner.

Dr Z

Stay profitable…..


  1. Keep on Growing! Its so amazing to see you guys doing great!!! The best for you!!! I really want to join you and Im waiting for your answer to start trading like the best!!! (y) The best for You!

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