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Graduate Master Trader May 29th Recap: 4.75 pts (NEW Trader)

This Graduate Master is sharing his trades for the first time.  All of our graduate master traders that share their trades via the public side of the site are all trading live. Everyone in the Elite Mentoring Program also has the contact information of all the master traders who decide to help us run classes. Its all about helping all of us in our day trading community.

Hi guys. I went live a little over two months ago. I’m doing fairly well in the market. I still hesitate on some trades, but I’m trying to follow my instincts and just trade. I’m still in the process of developing my own style. I prefer to take smaller profits and I keep my risk management pretty tight. Sometimes that causes me to get stopped out, but I can live with that.

On my first trade, I reduced my risk after the fyl started to angle down. On my second trade to the downside, we had a great run which eventually consolidated and the trade didn’t work. On the quick run to the upside, I was able to take a few small winning trades. I could have just sat back and waited for the price to hit two points, but I wanted to extract as much as possible from the market at this point.


Eventually I got distracted and missed a nice trade to the upside. Then I took two small losses after the price failed to pop and my last trade was a winner for one and a half points then I decided to call it a day. Sometimes it’s better to call it a day while you are up unless you are going to try to trade like our master trader Superman.

Every day and every week is a learning experience. Sometimes the market allows us to do well in an hour, but sometimes we just have to be patient and not rush into trades.

Have a great weekend.
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