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LTD Project Trader: 2+ Points June 3rd

You know that feeling when you wake up an hour before your alarm goes off? I remember it well: especially when it meant that I missed out on that last little bit of peace before I had to drive an hour and a half to the construction site where I worked, and sit 12 hours in a piece of junk machine, for a company I didn’t even like.

Something like that happened today, but something was different: I was working for myself this time. So this morning when I was rudely awakened by the sounds of my cat tearing around the kitchen, desperately (and loudly,) trying to reclaim the red squirrel that she brought into the house, I wasn’t filled with the sinking feeling I used to get when missing out on that precious hour of extra sleep.

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On the contrary, I was stoked when I loaded my charts an hour earlier than usual, and saw some really good movement in the market. So after a few early trades, by 9:34am, I had met the daily goal set by my trading plan, (and coincidentally made more money than most of my previous jobs paid for a full day!) That’s my idea of freedom.

But I’m also kind of obsessive by nature, and I’m the type of person who wants to constantly practice and improve. I want to become more proficient with the pro-trade setups that often appear, (which can only happen with practice,) but not at the expense of eating into my existing profits. So in keeping with my trading plan, it was easy enough to switch to simulation mode and continue taking trades, while attending today’s live class with graduate master trader Manny.

Did I just voluntarily work some unpaid overtime? You bet! And I liked it. (But let’s just say, if my old boss had made such a request, no good could have come out of that conversation.)

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    1. Ferdous I trade anywhere between 5-20 contracts or so. Sometimes higher but it really depends on the market environment and how the market is moving. I generally average that range though

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