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LTD Project: And Then There Was Two

I’m working on some very exciting things if you haven’t read my mid February update.  I am reporting live and direct form the tail end of Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia.  Due to my travel blog, I have had the pleasure of speaking to a slew of day traders that are interested in day trading and traveling and even meeting day traders on the road.

Why should you care about this?

Because I now have agreed to take on an additional person for the LTD Project and this is no ordinary person.  A young man who has the same idea of success and a lifestyle that should be lived by traveling around the world and day trading.  I plan on making a formal introduction but the exciting part is that he is a professional day trader that has already been making money for 6 years, did I mention that he trades his own strategy? And that he lives in Colombia?

Everyone that works with me, or for me, with the Day Trading Academy has to have a proven track record.  That means day trade their own account live and have a history of walking the walk.

I refuse to let anyone teach or work with me that doesn’t trade live like most day trading companies that only sell a strategy and don’t trade it themselves. (Click here to read the truth about day trading companies)

Day Trading Center in Medellin, Colombia

It is really exciting because I am waiting at the chance to open up a day trading center in India or Brazil as I have shared before.  Now we have the potential of opening up a center in one of my favorite cities in the world, Medellin, Colombia.  I have been seriously looking into property in Colombia and now we plan on potentially having a entire setup with a day trading center and apartments as well.

Updates for the LTD Project

This is going to be the beginning of updates for the LTD Project as I plan on sharing my thoughts on what I have been looking for, how to look for it, and how I manage the traders that I have trading for me.  Soon I will be providing details on what I am doing to get connected with other day traders in Medellin, Brazil, and India, as well as the process for looking at properties for potential day trading centers.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea Marcello. After looking briefly at the carnival pics &, now I have a few days off work I’ll have to check them out again added to the cooking & food I’m beginning to get very interested in Columbia as a travel destination. If I can somehow fit in some trading learning/experience it would make the total travel experience complete. You have some great photos on your wandering trader site.

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