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LTD Project March 1st Recap 6E (Live Video): +10 ticks on 4 trades

Our first attempt at recording our trades for the day wasn’t the best.Fortunately the audio for the video was corrupted and wasn’t available. We still were able to record the entire session for both the 6E markets in addition to the ES.

Day Trading Course

Many of our traders have started to look at other markets including the 6E, crude, gold, and even the Russell 2000.  As part of our ongoing efforts to help everyone make a living day trading we plan on starting to share the following details about every market we trade:

  • Optimal trading times
  • Free basic training
  • New Free membership to recorded live trading videos
  • And much more!

I do have to warn you that since we tried to get this recording out as fast as possible that it is not fully processed.  We didn’t edit out the sections in-between the trades so feel free to fast forward to sections where there are no trades to  be had.

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Disclaimer: Video is over 40 minutes long.

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  1. If you guys are having problems with your screen capture software I can recommend you use a free software or a good paid one is camtasia by techsmith.

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