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Latteno Food Corporation: Our Penny Stock Pick Of The Week

images (19)An investment with Latteno Food Corporation (LATF) might be a good idea at this time. The stock closed at 0.0085 on March 11, 2014. The stock was up 6.25% for the day. The range in price for the stock during the day alternated between a low of 0.0078 and a high of 0.0091. It is moving close to a penny a share.

Market capitalization for LATF is 298.41K and volume was last recorded at 190,645,608.

Latteno Food Corporation is based in Markham Canada. It was formerly known as the B&D Food Corporation when it changed its name in September 2009.

The Expanding Legality of Cannabis For Medical Purposes

The Expanding Legality of Cannabis For Medical Purposes

LATF is an investment portfolio company that has acquired a variety of food products and medical marijuana edibles. The company’s revenues are generated through sales of such products as well as product licensing and distribution agreements.

The Ontario based company is presently focused in the food and beverage market with a special emphasis in the dairy and coffee industries. In Brazil the company through its subsidiary Global Milk Ltd., produces and distributes dairy products. The name brand there is Teixeira and is increasing in sales.

On March 11, LATF announced that is wholly owned subsidiary Valley Organics has just released 5 new MMJ (Medical Marijuana) edibles to its products line. There are available for immediate delivery to patients and select dispensaries. The products consist of milk chocolate brownies, fun fetti muffins, Reeses peanut cupcakes, rice crispy treats and traditional chocolate chip cookies.220px-Discount_Medical_Marijuana_-_2

LATF has another subsidiary which it acquired in 2013. The company known as Mekonza Corporation is involved in the business of supplying fresh and frozen sea food products. It imports and processes a variety of fish and seafood that include such exotics as white shrimp, black tiger shrimp, and various species of catfish.

The company has expanded its operations into Mexico recently and had already consummated major sales in Vietnam last year.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Also acquired in 2013 by LATF was Green Cannabis Collective Inc. Based in California this company is licensed to dispense medical marijuana and transport it. The company facilitates medical marijuana cultivation. In addition it permits transactions between qualified medical patients and the use of medical marijuana.

On March 4, 2014 LATF signed an agreement with a real estate holdings company to acquire property outside Denver Colorado to raise marijuana for medical purposes.

As legalization of marijuana continues to expand in the United States and throughout the world the demand for MMJ products will greatly increase. Investments made now in new product lines will bring increased profitability for companies ready to exploit this new and rapidly growing market.

The variety of interests and the cancellation of the lucrative sale of Mekonza late last year indicates to this writer that Latteno is well positioned to expand into markets around the world. The growth of the company will be consumer based. The enterprise has an expanding assortment of operations that should be profitable. This will serve investors well in the future.



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