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Dr. Z Records His Live Trades – 3 pts. Super Man Clears 20+, Manny 5 Pts

We have officially taken off running in 2015.

The current retracement that the market is offering has been a blessing.

While the whole world worries about the markets going red in 2015 we are taking advantage of every opportunity.  Every time the market retraces (on the macro daily chart) and  it seems like a market crash with everything going red we have more opportunities than we can count.  This is the blessing we have by focusing primarily on price action and understanding market dynamics. While we can’t post everyone’s chart (because we simply don’t have time to) we definitely wanted to share today’s activity.

Some of you reading this may not understand how ticks and points work in the E-mini Futures market. 1 points is $50 per contract. We can add contracts to orders exactly like we would buy more than one share of stock. To put things into perspective of what is possible we always give an idea of what is possible with 10 contracts.

Dr, Z could have made $1500 assuming 10 contracts, Superman over $10,000, and Manny $2,500.

While we all day trade to make money the most important thing is making good decisions. If we can make good decisions it doesn’t matter if we are trading 1 contract, 10, or even 100 contracts. The results will be the same just with more zeros at the end.

One can see that as the retracement occurs volume spikes! This means more trades and higher profit potential!


We just posted the schedule for our annual Pro Trader’s Seminar in Tampa, Fl as well. We are allowing 5 people who aren’t in the training program to come and be a guest at the event. We feel this will be invaluable to those who attend since most of the concepts that we teach are price action based.

All of our traders learn to understand how the market works.

The goal is to have them join our growing rank of Master Traders to continue to help others in achieving their own financial freedom.

Here is Dr. Z’s videos on his live trades today

One of the things I love is how many different styles our Master Trader’s employ.

Some are more aggressive than others while some may be more conservative. But the bottom line is even though they have different personalities they all know how to extract consistent profits from the market every day.

Here is Superman’s 20+ Point Day. First his AM Chart (Click to see large chart)


Here is Superman’s PM Chart


Jim will be presenting his new aHTS – advanced HTS management system to maximize profits during times of high volatility.

Manny also killed it today.  I love Manny’s style because he is all about maximizing time with his family and minimizing the time he is in the market. He normally only takes 2-3 trades a day and is normally finished within 10-15 minutes after the market opens. This is the beauty when it comes to day trading. Everyone can make this a career as long as they apply themselves and one can do it on their own terms.

Manny’s Charts from today


Stay profitable…..

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