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Feb 6th Recap: Over $1125 – Moving Day!

It is moving day!

After a 22 hour journey from the extremes of India we have finally arrived in one of the financial capital of the world, New York City. It’s been a unique few years being able to day trade from exotic locations like Brazil, Colombia, India, and even Argentina.

We were able to day trade from London when we hosted our first day trading retreat (seminar). We are now at one of the largest and iconic financial centers in the world. After being away from so long it does indeed feel quite unusual.

Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel in Mumbai

We have been outside the United States for more than a year after we started day trading in Brazil.

Not worrying about whether a sickness will ensue after every meal is definitely something we will not miss about India.  Reliable internet at every turn, obnoxious meal sizes, and five dollar coffees.

America we missed you.

February 6 was far from exciting considering only two points were made. It’s hard to accept a small winning day after having a colossal day on February 4th. So far February is turning out to be a great month with an average of over 9 points per day (over $4500 per day).

While it looks great this probably will continue.

The difference in today’s trading has to do with the erratic behavior of the market in the early morning session. We have seen this unusual market behavior between the market open and 10 to 10.30am EST.

Today the market was not respecting our areas in the early morning.  It is always better to make a profit and call it a day rather than to force trades.

Just two points with well over 10 contracts is a great trading day.  We tell most of our traders that it doesn’t matter how much money or points are made, it only matters that a trader makes money everyday.

Stay profitable my friends.

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  1. Dont mean to be redundant but keep the recaps coming!!
    Just a note to say that the penguin pics and feather plucking was very cool.

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