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Day Trading in Barcelona, Spain: Sept 26th Recap: 10+ Points

Day trading in Barcelona, Spain has led me to a small luxury apartment in the north part of the city.  I really love the ingenuity and creativity when it comes to European homes. You can see a snapshot of my humble apartment below nestled in northern Barcelona, Spain. I’m here until the end of the week where I will be moving into a different apartment that is  closer to the center of the city.

Day Trading in Spain, day trading spain

The new recharging headquarters

It’s a bit hard to get around since I’m so far away from the center of the city so I plan to just buckle down and get some work done. I have finally started to rearrange and add more powerful and detailed trading techniques to be new curriculum for all my traders and I am very happy to report extremely good feedback.

The beginning of the master plan of adding a new pro-section with all of our advanced setups.

I do want to give a special shout out to Wimdu ap that was kind enough to sponsor the apartment for me for a full seven days. It was a great little getaway that allowed to get some work one and catch up on my day trading.

I normally always provide the link of the places that I rent but since this place is so far north and is extremely isolated I’m going to recommend that you stay in my new apartment that I will be moving into soon.

day trading in barcelona, day trading barcelona, day trading

Day trading office there on the right

While day trading in Spain I did notice that the volume in the market actually came back in the beginning of September, though volatility in good movement didn’t return until the last few weeks. I always try to day trade where ever I travel to, I have some crazy stories about day trading in places like Somalia, airport lounges, and even Ethiopia when started teaching again.

I think it would actually be pretty cool to go for a Guinness world record to be the only person to day trade from every country in the world, or maybe every continent would be easier?  Antarctica would be tough, no reliable internet there.

day trading spain, day trading in spain

Loved the marble the bathroom

One of the things that I find very funny with most traders, and people in general, is that everyone remembers the bad days but nobody remembers the good days. I always speak with many traders and students that are in the training program and many were expressing feelings of frustrated because of the lack of volume.

In life there always has to be a balance and there aren’t going to be too many situations where the market is going to move perfect all the time. We are going to be bad days, bad periods, and even catastrophes (see what happened to my trading partner here).

The reason why most of my traders are so successful is because they are able to learn how to adapt the market in these kinds of situations. When the market has low volume we decide to pull in the stops and targets cannot look for home runs, be conservative when the market is moving well.

When the market decides to explode or move extremely well like it has this week that we decide to be aggressive and start looking for home runs, in other words, be aggressive when the market is moving well.  to learn how to read the market you essentially won’t need indicators anymore, indicators can always be taken away from you but no one can ever take away your knowledge of how to read and understand the market.

The idea is to be Congressive, conservative & aggressive by adapting & understanding the market.

So if you are getting frustrated with lackluster returns I’d encourage you to not get frustrated. Even though we have had record low volume that does normally occur during summer months.  The only thing that could happen, especially with the economic environment that were and now, is quite an improvement from the low volume and volatility that we have been saying..

The only real question is, are you actually trading a winning trading strategy that can succeed in those markets?

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