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Colombian Traders Dominating Market Manipulation Today: $3600 Profit

You should take a look at the beautiful trades our market traders took today. Two gold positions that went short and one long NatGas position. They were up roughly $3600 USD overall, across the three positions.  Today, was a trading day that saw a huge manipulation in the gold and silver markets. By being able to understand the market structure we are able to capitalize on these types of erratic movements.

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 Also… big news today with Sodastream. On July 21st we stated that investors should take a second look at the company to be able to make a profit on it.  Today the stock is surging  nearly 20%, on rumors that the company may be sold to an investment bank. Our insiders were privileged to this information. You can also see the actual post we posted on July 21st. Click here.

Stay tuned to our global investing blog as we have continued to make great insights on the site about things to invest in. We   extensively cover international economic events and movements in the world economy. We also present global trends and investment opportunities in real estate, commodities, currencies, precious metals and stocks. In addition,we offer individual country investment reports.

Sodastrream $SODA

And after we conquer the markets today, there is only one other thing to do. Enjoy ColombiaModa.  Because you know the only thing better than day trading in New York right?


Stay profitable my friends….

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