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Colombian Trader’s Up $11,000, Sneak Peak at Our First Master Trader Retreat

The last few weeks have been something very special for us at The Day Trading Academy (DTA).

Everyone always asks…. Why do you teach if you can make your own money day trading?

Let me provide a bit of insight.

Quite some time ago I was contacted by a handful of traders (over 20 to be exact) to help them become profitable. I, Marcello Arrambide, left the last company I was with due to ethical concerns. This is the same story that many of us have been through in the industry.

Buying useless day trading software and indicators so that we can learn how to trade.

Going out and trying to find the magic pill.

As of this day we still receive emails from students from that previous company and we continue to make many of those traders profitable.

Day Trading in Brazil and Sightseeing

A little day trading and a little sightseeing in Rio

Long story short many of those original traders have become profitable. We now call many of them our Master Traders.

I call many of these Master Traders my close friends now, family even.

We just had our very first Master Trader Retreat. This is where we got on the road and traveled to Brazil and Colombia together. If there are two things I am passionate about it is day trading and traveling. Mainly because travel provides a level of freedom that most things cannot provide.

This is the reason why we continue to teach.

Aside from the fact that it having a training program has monumentally improved our trading strategy.

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

DTA is about a close knit community of traders that are trying to help each other.  Imagine how we are going to improve when we have our day trading centers setup around the world. To be able to see one of our Master Traders take his entire family to Italy is something that can’t be described in words.

Giving someone the opportunity to achieve their dreams through day trading is an experience I have seen more than once. It feels absolutely amazing to give that ability to someone.

Not the ability to have to rely on us for indicators and software to trade. But to give someone the ability to read the market on his own and rely on himself to make a living and achieve his dreams.

You give a man a fish you feed him once, you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

We recently hosted our very first MTU, Military Training University. This is where we were training in a live market environment with our Master Traders. Just a few years ago I was the one doing all of the training and now I saw many of our Master Traders teaching other up and coming traders.

Day Trading Center

Our Day Trading Center In Medellin, Colombia

I took a deep breathe and thought to myself… we could actually make history here.

That is exactly what we plan to do. Our Colombian day trading center is up and running. We visited Brazil to meet with Guillherme, aka Giga, and his long time girlfriend to see locations for our Brazilian day trading center.

Even our 7th and 8th Colombian day traders to go live are currently up 41.17% since going live for the first time on July 12th. Have a look at this beautiful short on Gold that is currently up over $11,000.  Click on the chart to maximize.


They are also a handful of strategies that they have been back testing  on sim. Once they are proven by the end of the year we plan on having those go live as well. Up over $15,000 on these strategies today have a look at the PnL from Tradestation. (click to maximize)



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