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Brexit Trade – $1225 in Profits & Brexit Repurcussions

This Brexit trade beautifully signifies what day trading can do.

Everyone always get’s so nervous when there is a little uncertainty.

Most people don’t like uncertainty. Its built in our psychological makeup roaming around for food however many thousands or millions of years ago.

Imagine the moment when you could go grow your own food instead of having to ambush a thousand pound whooly mamoth for food.

Uncertainty is definitely not bueno.

Uncertainty is excellent for one thing however, day trading.  The beauty with the markets is that we are able to make more money when it goes down than up.

Uncertainty is very bueno for day trading.

The few day collapse that started last week was something of beauty and well… we couldn’t possibly stay OUT of the markets with them moving so well. While we normally trade with more than just one position we kept it at one for this trade due to the danger of volatility.

We also started a new series that we are calling “This week in the markets”.  We plan on discussing all of the events that happened in any given week to understand what is happening around the world and also learn how to profit from it.

One can see the beautiful run in silver and gold in the last few months and well…. we talked about it and also profited from it.

Not only in the futures market but also in the equities markets.

We hope you are seating as this is just the beginning of the run in gold and silver.

Something very curious occurred with this surge in the dollar after the Brexit. Normally the dollar and gold are coupled, most commodities are, which means that when the dollar surges (Brexit) that commodities should drop. This time however gold surged with the surge in the dollar. This means that gold is starting to act like money again since everyone doesn’t trust the system.

Or at least they are starting to lose their trust and return to what people have been using for thousands of years to secure their wealth and money, precious metals.

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