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Best Thing About Having Financial Freedom

The best thing about having financial freedom isn’t about having a million dollars.

It is about spoiling the ones we love.

For some of you it may be your kids, for others it may be your parents, for me it would spoiling a mother. Because what responsible young(ish) man wouldn’t spoil his own mother.

This trip was nothing short of intense but it was all brought about by having the ability to have my financial freedom.  Waking up at 3am to arrive at the airport and hop on a 3 hour flight that arrives at roughly 8am.  Followed by a four hour drive which was highlighted by a quit pricey speeding ticket.

Only to arrive in the city my mother lives to surprise her on her birthday.

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This would only be followed by hopping on a flight the very next day to return home and get back to work.  It is the little things in life that allows us enjoy things long term. Having a lot of money is great but what is having money without being able to enjoy it?

This is the beauty when it comes to day trading…. we can do it anywhere in the world as long as we have reliable internet. High speed internet isn’t even a requirement any longer.

Hope you have an excellent memorial day. This day is about remembering the people who died serving this country to give us the ability to have our freedom.

This is in no way a comparison….. I still remember the fighting I did to become a consistently profitable trader. It was worth the fight as now I can come and go as I please anywhere in the world.

Stay profitable…..

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