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Recorded Video From One of Our Best Live Classes This Year (20+ Points/Traders Up $1600)

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We have received an overwhelming demand from our Founder, Marcello Arrambide, being featured in BBC yesterday.  We always record all of our classes for all of our students.

This is to make sure that we give everyone the opportunity to learn to trade.

Whether you have a full time job, have a full time family, and even a business that is thriving. The wonderful thing about day trading is that you can learn at any time of the day.

Even nights and weekends.

That is how many of the in house traders in our trading center in Colombia have learned with their aggressive university schedules and obligations at home.

So far today  two of our Colombian traders are up roughly $1500.


We run our trading classes two days a week with everyone in our training program.  This will give you a bit of highlight of how we run our classes.  Talking about the market can get boring so we try to spice things up a bit from time to time. Rocky certainly makes an appearance frequently. We also touched on the gold and silver markets and what we expect from the market in the future.

We’ve split the video into three segments, everyone in our training program has access to the full video recording.  We place all of these videos, including our daily market recaps, in our massive video library spanning three years of market data.

  • The first video is roughly 10 minutes long
  • 2nd video is the longest at about 20 minutes
  • 3rd video is 8 minutes.

If you are short on time watch the 3rd video.  It is the shortest video and has some great lessons. If you do have the time then we would recommend watching all three videos. We share some important lessons in all three videos.

Thermal Pools in Colombia

One of the thermal pools we may see during our Military Training University in Colombia

It was overall an incredible day. We have seen some amazing opportunities so far this and look forward to all the opportunities the second part of the year has to offer. We are going to be hosting a unique Military Training University in our day trading center in October.

We plan on having a small group with  2-4 people per Master Trader.

It will be a live environment where 9am to 11am will be dedicated solely to trading. The rest of the day we will be devoted to teaching in a live market environment.  The focus will be to assist traders in their psychology, personalizing a live training environment to exactly what they need, and having other traders learn from their questions and reactions to the market.

We also are really excited to announce that we are going to be taking our Master Traders back to Ethiopia.

Since we officially started DTA when we were living in Ethiopia we wanted to return signal a rebirth due to our focus with our new day trading centers.  Giving those less fortunate the opportunity to be able to live their dreams in the markets is what we are all about.

Here are the class recordings:

First Video:

Don’t forget to visit The Day Trading Academy on YouTube to see all of our recap and live video recordings.

Second Video

Third Video


  1. Hi Marcello !
    Stimulating Newsletters !
    Lots of e-mini “fear” around …. which is good ….. anyone for shorts 🙂
    UK News – Russia bans food imports from EU and US ….. so I last saw Coca Cola – 6.2% and Norwegian Salmon stocks – 10%
    Plenty happening ….
    Ask Jim why he limits himself to 20 contracts ……. and he will tell you ……. it’s because it makes his heart “too racy”, if he does anymore ! …… now there’s a “teaser” for you !
    Take care,

    1. His blood pressure actually spiked so he went down in contracts for that reason. 🙂 Best of luck Keith.

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