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Colombian Traders DOMINATE This Week & Scouting Locations: Brazil Trading Center

We just returned from our Master Trader Retreat in Brazil (and Colombia).

October has been a month with the highest volatility in recent history.

That movement seems to be continuing.

Our Colombian traders and trading center has been growing much faster than anticipated.  So far they have gained $17,000 in profits on Gold this week. This week alone!

It was exceptional to spend time with some of our Master Traders. With roughly 2 weeks in Brazil to solidify our plans for our new Brazilian trading center. We were able to find beautiful locations on the endless coastline of Brazil.

We have the possibility of building a property on the beach or even purchasing one with beautiful views.

We plan on having more than one location; Sao Paulo, the largest financial center in Latin America, Porto Alegre which is a business and finance hub of the South, Rio de Janeiro (of course), and possibly Garopaba. Garopaba is a small fishing village that has grown into a small town with great beaches.

Garopaba Brazil

Here is the last chart from our Colombian traders who closed nearly $11,780 position this week. Closed another for nearly $3640.00 today and opened a long that is currently up (3.25pm EST Nov 7) $2940.

That is also with $1500 in slippage on the buy order.

The order should be up $4440


We hope the first week of November has been as good as ours. We haven’t even mentioned the results of the Congressive Trading Strategy this week either.

Stay profitable my friends……


  1. I’m a rookie to trading but eager to learn. Read the article on the projection for meltdown here in the US which I’ve heard from several others as well. Definitely cannot overlook the telltale signs. With that said what guidance can you provide for investments currently. Stationed in Colombia I presume trades for gold are in pesos versus dollars which would ease monetary devaluation concerns somewhat. If that’s the case makes it difficult for me being in the US.

    1. We trade online Daniel and trade many markets around the world. There are tons of opportunities daily for trades in many markets around the world.

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