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Stock Watchlist August 25th ($780 Profits Today/Colombian Traders Up $2800)

Stocks have been moving well including a variety of commodities.  We are looking at a variety of stocks this week and some of our stocks from last week are still surging.  Platinum, which we discussed here on the blog in March and June, continued to skyrocket.

One important piece of news is the end of the silver price fixing out of London which we highlighted in this post.  We have just seen a great retracement in Silver. It may dip all the way to the current year lows of of roughly 18.70 but long term we are still set to see a great bull market in Silver.  We’ve also just closed a NatGas position today netting roughly $780. You can see the live PnL on the bottom of the chart.

Looking for a re-entry for a long term hold.  Watch the stocks watchlist video below.


Here are our Colombian traders up $2800 so far for the day on positions on Gold and NatGas.


Here is the watchlist video for this week. See all of our previous watchlists here.


  1. I would like to know if there is a flexible I want to say schedule that one can learn to trade with little income

    1. Raffaele it is possible to learn how to trade with little money. Now with the new NinjaTrader brokerage you can open an account with just $1000 USD

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