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Weekly Market Review & Target Fills March Week 4

Brussels_suspects_CCTVThis week was dominated by two events, the terrorist attacks in Belgium and the increasing talk of a possible interest rate rise by the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. Together they put a halt on an ongoing 5 week rally for investors in the global markets, that had erased most of the losses from earlier this year.

The Central Bank of the United States some claim may raise interest rates as early as next month. Other analysts disagree, but the uncertainty is still permitting the American dollar to move up in valuation against most major world currencies this week.

The aforementioned circumstances have all led to a retrenchment in price of oil and other commodities including precious metals. Crude prices worldwide are now heading back and below $40 USD (United States Dollar) once again.

1,000 oz silver bar

1,000 oz silver bar

Gold is now dropping towards the $1,200 benchmark at just over $1217.00 USD and silver has headed back down, but remains above $15 at $15.30 USD. Platinum and palladium are at $951.00 USD and $578.00 USD respectively.

Before these latest happenings, there was a strong indication that a modest recovery in Europe was underway. This was despite the slower demand in the economy at large. A rate of 0.3% rate of growth is now expected for the first quarter of 2016.

The refugee crisis in Europe reached a new level of urgency, with the terrorist attacks on the transportation hub of Brussels. Since the previous attacks on Paris originated in the Belgian capital as well, it is putting a chill on tourism to the country.

Migrants being stopped at the Greek–Macedonian border

Migrants being stopped at the Greek–Macedonian border

A contentious and wishful migrant deal was agreed upon between Turkey and the European Union (EU). Under the pact, migrants that arrive in Greece will be sent back, once the registration process is complete and their asylum claim has been processed.

In exchange Turkey will receive the equivalent of an additional $6.8 billion USD to help defray the costs of the estimated 2.7 million Syrians, that now reside in Turkey. The EU also will take in 72 thousand refugees directly from Turkey, from those that have the most legitimate asylum claims for permanent residence in Europe.

In Greece, talks ended without an agreement on the terms attached to the ongoing bailout. It is putting additional pressure to a domestic economy, already buckling under capital controls and the arrival of 1 million migrants in the past year.

Extra funds for Greece are locked as negotiations drag on between government officials and creditors over differences with domestic tax reforms, pension cuts and fiscal targets.

Hungary acceded to the European Union in 2004.

Hungary acceded to the European Union in 2004.

Also in Europe, Hungary has now become the first emerging market to introduce negative interest rates. The overnight deposit rate has dropped 15 basis points to -0.05%. The key base rate was also lowered by 15 b.p. to 1.2%.

The move was made by officials in response to lower prospects for both growth and inflation, in the stagnating Hungarian economy.

In the United Kingdom support for leaving the EU is growing and is threatening to create a rupture in the ruling Conservative Party. In a sign of coming trouble Brexit supporter Iain Duncan Smith from the cabinet of Prime Minister Cameron has recently resigned.

The present rise in oil bankruptcies although creating a disruption in the United States economy, is unlikely alone to tip the country into recession this year.

Turnbull sworn in as Australia's 29th Prime Minister by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove

Turnbull sworn in as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove

Frustration is rising in Iran. Although international sanctions ended more than two months ago, few trade deals worth up to a total of $50 billion USD, have been fully implemented. Reason for this delay, is that few major world banks are willing to process Iranian transactions.

There is still rules in place that prohibit the use of American dollars and accessing the United States financial system.

In Australia, Liberal Prime Minister Turnbull has threatened to dissolve parliament and call for early elections, if his reforms are not approved. Although only six months on the job, he is growing increasingly frustrated with senators from minor parties, who continue to block key legislation proposed by the new government.

The central bank of China is expressing concern about the Chinese corporate debt level. Lending as a share of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has grown far too high. The hope is that capital markets will expand as the bank pulls back on excessive amounts of lending. More private investments will be needed to fill in the funding gap.

Chinese foreign exchange reserves are falling rapidly and internal debt is increasing dramatically.

Dilma Rousseff with Lula during the 2010 presidential campaign.

Dilma Rousseff with Lula during the 2010 presidential campaign.

Tensions continue to rise on the Korean peninsula. North Korea fired multiple short range missiles this week in protest to the ongoing South Korean-United States military drills.

In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff is assuring her supporters that she has no intention of resigning. The beleaguered President further claims, that the impeachment proceedings against her amounts to a coup attempt.

Her appointment of her predecessor as a chief adviser to protect him from prosecution, has raised the rancor against her by the political opposition.

Brazilian stocks tumbled even further, on news that the construction giant Odebrecht had agreed to cooperate, in what is now the largest corruption probe in the history of the country. The firm has agreed to this in exchange for leniency, in the event of future prosecutions.

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