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Having used Tradestation for close to 10 years now in my own personal trading I decided to share my knowledge about the program, why I use it, and what I have learned.  At the moment I use two different platforms, Tradestation  & Ninja Trader.  When I first started I only used Tradestation and eventually started using Ninja Trader for execution.  I now exclusively use Ninja Trader for both charting & execution and only use Tradestation for teaching my trading strategy via The Day Trading Academy.

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Tradestation charts

How Much Does Tradestation Cost? (Prices)

The Tradestation prices are split into three different pricing structures that you should know about; brokerage, non brokerage, and data feeds.  Tradestation does have a rule that if you make 10 round trip trades (buy and sell) then they will waive the fee, but not the data fee.  Keep this in mind since you can start trading with Ninja Trader for free and use it for free until you are ready to go live.

  • Brokerage: $100 a month
  • Non Brokerage: $240 a month
  • Data Feeds: Additional Cost for Feed you want to see

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Tradestation Fees

The Ancient Tradestation Data Feed

I wasn’t able to get many answers from Tradestation nor find any additional information about their feed.  Having used it for 10 years I can tell you that it seems like one of the oldest data feeds out there.  I do know for a fact that Tradestation bundles their data which means that you don’t get all of the information you need right away.

An example would be with tick charts, ticks are actually bundled together rather then being feed through the feed individually.  This leads to the data feed lagging during times of high volatility.  I have actually tested Ninja Trader & Tradestation next to each other and found that Ninja Trader’s different feeds are faster (overall) compared to Tradestation.

I plan on having a few different videos available soon so you can learn exactly how to use Tradestation.  Stay tuned!