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The Best Business to Own & Start in 2012

I have been looking for the best business to own & start since I was 14 years old.  I have done everything from selling CD’s when CD burning software first came out to selling bakery goods and even fake purses.  There are both advantages and disadvantages  to every business, but I have never heard of anything better than what I have been doing for the last 10 years, day trading.

I even turned my passion of travel into a business with my WanderingTrader travel blog, still doesn’t beat day trading.  Of all of the things that I have tried, there is one big problem with owning and starting your business:

You always have to rely on someone else when owning a business

owning my own business

Considerations have to be made when starting your own business like start up costs, logistics, training, and in today fast moving world, flexibility.

What you are going to do in a recession?

How exactly is your business supposed to thrive in a recession?  I travel around the world day trading which gives me the ability to work for myself, have the flexibility that I want, and also make money in a recession.

Start Up Costs For Day Trading

I talked in length about exactly how much it costs to get started day trading, what I want to focus on is how much cheaper it is to start day trading in comparison to other businesses.  How many companies do you know of where you have the potential of making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the first full year of business and costs less than $10,000 to start?

Don’t believe me?  I am completely transparent about my day trading, have a look at the income statements of my group of day traders & myself via my income statements page.  The common adage is that 98% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.  With day trading, you can keep your costs down under $5,000 and learn if the business is going to get a return on it’s investment within months, not years.

Return on Investment

The amount of money that you can make day trading is ungodly.  Once you learn how to be consistent you can take your initial investment of $5,000 (or less) and turn that into more than $200,000 within the first full year of trading.

What you need is a winning strategy, good discipline, and someone that isn’t just trying to take your money.  Read the truth about day trading companies here.  I started coaching and seriously training others how to day trade because I want everyone to realize that it doesn’t take tens of thousands of dollars to start.  Most importantly, everyone from an 18 year old high school graduate to a 65 year old man can learn how to day trade.  If you don’t believe me contact me and I will show you proof.


For a business to run properly we need to effectively manage employees, customers, software programs, our own personal lives, office politics, and the “occasional” inter office drama.  Don’t forget that the majority of the world spends over two hours a day in rush hour traffic.  My rush hour consists of deciding what kind of cereal I want to eat a short walk from my bedroom.

There are no employees, customers, managers to impress or please, and especially no awkward situations when we try to avoid that person we had that exceptional evening with.  While I have trained day traders to trade for me, they work on their own and choose to make how much money they want since they work for themselves.

When you day trade you don’t have to rely on anyone except yourself.  Think a recession is going to stop you from making money?  Day traders actually make more money when things are at their worst, click here to read about how we actually make money when things get really bad.

Swimming at the Edge Of the Victoria Falls, Zambia


Everyone is looking for not only a flexible job, but a flexible lifestyle.  When I say flexible, it not only refers to traveling and being able to take time off work when you need it, its being able to stay flexible with the fast changing global world.

In the last 2 years I have visited over 30 countries, lived in 5 countries across 4 continents, and have even visited places like Antarctica, Somalia, and the newest country in the world, South Sudan.  I don’t even trade every day since I am able to make enough money in a week to last me a month or two.

Are you interested in learning how to Day Trade?

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Day Trading is a lifestyle, not a profession.