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What Kind of Internet Speed Do I Need for Day Trading?

Internet speed for day traders is probably one of the biggest misconceptions out there for everyone that wants to start day trading.  When I left the United States to travel around the world I knew that I would have problems with internet. The internet situation in South America and Africa is nothing like more developed countries such as the United States and Europe.  Out of the nearly 10 years that I have been day trading, I have used the last two years […]

What Kind of Computer Do I Need For Day Trading?

The kind of computer needed to start day trading is not very complex.  There is absolutely no way that you can start day trading unless you have a reliable computer.  There are a lot of companies out there that try to sell fancy computers to day traders with flashing lights because people think they need it. You don’t need a computer that can power an entire company and you don’t need a computer with the latest specs. Most computers available on the […]