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Stocks Trading at Record Highs Again – Havoc in Oil Market (Recap Ep027)

Investors in the U.S. made the most money in a week reaching the highest ammount since 2014, the record was 25.1 billion dollars.
U.S. stocks have gone up 10 trillion dollars since president Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Also, the president of the central bank of the U.S. said that Libra should not continue working due to security reasons and to prevent money laundering.
One of the stock exchanges in Japan lost 32 million dollar from its clients due to a hack involving Bitcoin.
Economists say the U.S. debt could reach alarming levels due to interests payments, they warn the government could go bankrupt and stop paying its debts. The debt goes up to 68k dollars for each inhabitant of the United States.
Forecasts in Argetina show Marcri as reelected president with only 2% difference over its rival Alberto Fernández.

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