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Nexgen T3 Fibs Pro Trader & Revolution

NexgenT3 Software Servicesoffers a software services with both its Nexgen T3 Fibs Pro Trader & the Revolution software as well. The T3 Fibs Pro Trader automatically calculates Fibonacci confluence areas and then shows high probability areas of support and resistance.  They have also gotten into the automated software space by offering their Nexgen revolution.

The prices mentioned in their NinjaTrader webinar for their services were $16,000 to those that are willing to give them a try.  Nexgen T3 is based out of the Houston, TX area and provides training via online platforms such as Hotcomm.  They have been around for quite some time teaching traders how to trade their software for over 10 years.

Nexgen T3 Pro Fibs Trader

Nexgen Revolution