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Recap November 3: Record Highs In Stocks – Fed lowers interest rates (Recap Ep043)

In today’s recap we cover some of the most important news that happened this week, on of them is how the auto sales in China may fall to just 26 million this year, a dip of around 8%, industry executives warn, as the world’s largest auto market braces for a 2nd year of contraction amid slowing economic growth & ever tightening vehicle emissions standards.

Italian-American Fiat Chrysler & French Peugeot owner PSA have officially agreed to join forces in a $50 billion deal through a 50-50 share swap, creating the world’s 4th-largest automaker. Will give its French rival access to U.S. market for 1st time in decades & gives Fiat a partner to better manage major technological shifts in the industry.

From the streets of Chile & Ecuador to recent vote in Argentina, many South Americans have now strongly rejected their government’s free market platforms, amid an outcry that they are fueling more inequality across the region. With economic growth slowing sharply, job insecurity rising & social safety nets insufficient, a new wave of popular protests have arisen, spanning millions of people across the continent.

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