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Recap Jun 9: Stocks have best week of the year – No Tariffs on Mexico (Recap Ep022)

May was the worst month for the S&P 500 in the U.S. which is the stock exchage that we teach to trade in. It fell more than 6,5%, the DAO fell below 25k and the Nasdaq is now in correction territory, one of the things that impacted the Nasdaq the most were the reports about the U.S. antitrust investigations against Google and Amazon and other big tech companies.

On thursday Mexico reported they were gonna send 6k soldiers to the Guatemala/Mexico border to try to control de illegal inmigration. This indicates Mexico is gonna be doing what Trump is asking for, which is to help stop the illegal immigration, and this is going to stop the tariffs Trump was planning to impose on Mexican goods. This is big news knowing México is such a big friend of the U.S.

Big news with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Facebook announced it’s launching its cryptocurrency this month, they’re gonna allow its employees to save up or have their salaries paid in this cryptocurrency, also, its users are gonna be able to trade, buy and exchange this cryptocurrency for other cryptos or regular currencies like the dollar. This is the reason why I have told you that cryptocurrencies are not what’s gonna change the world, blockchain is, who sais this new cryptocurrency is not gonna be the biggest one in the world?

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