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Recap Jun 23: Stocks Hit Record Highs – Gold & Silver explode (Recap Ep024)

On monday the market went up and continued along the week. The S&P 500 closed with a historic high, and the Dow reached record high throughout the day.
One of the most relevant news of the week has to do with Mario Draghi, who is the president of the European Central Bank; It started the easiest monetary policy where they devaluate the currency through interests and buy their own debt and assets.
Gold went up 6% in the last 30 days, this was the biggest rise in the last 6 years

Donald Trump began its political campaign aspiring to be reelected as president of the United States in 2020, he assures that if he isn’t reelected the stock market is going to have an epic fall. Throughout his presidency the U.S. stock market has gone up by 30%.
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay suffered a blackout and the governments do not discard this being a cyberattack.

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