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Recap June 02 Markets Drop on Trade War Fears – Rare Earth Metals & Mexico (Recap Ep021)

Today we talk about the big news concerning the trade ward this week, China wants to start restricting the sale of rare earth minerals to the United States, and as a response, the U.S. is looking to strengthen its doemstic production of said mineral in order to reduce its reliance on China. Also, this week Trump said he wants to impose tariffs on Mexico if they don’t help stop the illegal immigration to the United States, this has been one of the things greatly affected the market this week.

This week the markets in general fell down, they fell the whole week with some fluctuations, the Dow, the main stock index fell down to its lowest point inthe last 12 weeks, it fell down 6,69% and this is the first time it has had a losing month since May 2012.

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