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Feb 2013 Results: Taj Mahal Is Incredible Edition

There are moments in a nomadic day traders life when one sits back in his chair and are stunned by amazement.

There are times when one reaches a destination or experiences something so unique that it seem as if it is not possible to witness something so incredible again.

What we have learned as we continue to travel around the world that there will always be that next moment to raise the bar even higher.

The Taj Mahal in India is one of those moments. The pure presence of India’s most visited tourist attraction is indescribable. When we arrived there was a small mist permeating through the grounds which added to the intensity.

It was what seemed to be heaven on Earth.

Most people are working full time jobs and only have a handful of weeks to go on vacation. Of all the things that we have seen in the world the Taj Mahal is definitely one of the most incredible.

Taj Mahal

The majestic Taj Mahal in India

It is extremely hard to believe that at one point in history the British had cranes on the lawns of the Taj Mahal in order to physically move it back to Britain.

The only reason why this did not occur was because they realized the sheer magnitude of effort it would take to move one of the new wonders of the world.  If there are only a handful of things that one should see in a lifetime we  would recommend the Taj Mahal be one of them.

With all of the unique things we saw and experienced February brought a close into our stay in India.

Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal at sunrise

We did some incredible networking and also realized that India is not the best place to either invest or open up a day trading center.

We did meet some great traders and plan on having a presence in the country as we already have a small number of traders based in New Delhi.

The day trading center will have to wait until the government of India gets their act together.

After our 3/4 month stay in India we arrived in New York City for the our first day trading expo. We were able to meet many of our own traders for the first time.  We did meet a psychologist which specializes in helping day traders as well.

Day Traders Expo

Our booth at the Day Traders Expo

One of the many advances that we are planning for the future of the training program is to have a personality-based training. We have already seen an incredible achievement increasing success rates from 1/10 traders in the industry to about 1/3 traders.

Now it is time to take it to the next level by personalizing the training program to person’s personality. This would allow traders to learn quicker and more effectively. We really can’t do things quick enough in our society can we?

After New York City we arrived back in the city of London to start our new adventure crossing borders and oceans like never before.  Find out more about our travels through India at our India travel blog.

This was our itinerary starting in India all the way up to our seminar in Toronto in only in only two months.

Day Trading & Travelling

Feb 2013 Results

One may not have noticed that we have started to keep track of our advanced/Pro at the start of the year. We have had so many students graduate from the program and start trading live consistently that we have had a slew of new Pro trades being developed.

One of the most unique things about The Day Trading Academy is that we do not use any programmers, education counselors, software, in order to improve the strategy.

We use our very own students, our successful graduate master traders, to help refine new trades and back test results.

This allows us to adapt to the market quickly and also get real time data.  Data from real people that are trading their own accounts live instead of people that have never really traded before.

Feb Results

We do the same with our instructors in the program as well. We do not “hire any employees” but instead keep the focus on day trading and only ask our successful students to help with the workload.

The distinctive difference with our ever evolving training program is that we continue to make everyone better. If it wasn’t for our graduate master traders that have assisted us in teaching and training we would not have such an effective system.  A special thank you to them.

We even have new traders coming online that have a passion for travel to be taking their families overseas. We cannot wait to share their stories.

The results for February would have been minimal for beginners especially up to the 25th of February.  Up until the 25th a trader would have only seen a .47 tick daily average.  This goes to show that we should always do our best in making sure we take the market seriously every day.  The beginner results are based on our HTS management system which includes a fixed profit and stop.

This means no risk management and absolutely no profit maximization either.

The focus here is to strictly make the right decision and learn discipline. The intermediate results only incorporate risk management with the same rule of no profit maximization.

The advanced/Pro results we started monitoring this year in order to show the true variation of what is possible using our techniques and methodologies. In order to be conservative with the results we assumed a lower profit targets for all of our advanced and pros trades.

Advanced Pro Results

According to the results so far this year the advanced/Pro traders would have only lost one day. This is in tune with the results that we’ve seen with both our in-house traders in addition to the successful traders of the program.

So far for the year a beginner trader would have been able to make .85 (ticks) on average per day.  An intermediate trader would have been able to average roughly 1.78 points per day.

This was a great month to truly show what is possible when it comes to day trading.  There is a difference with making a living day trading and “living the dream” day trading.  That of course also depends on what one’s definition of success is.

For us being a millionaire and buying Ferraris is not the focus. The focus is to live a good life and have our freedom; financial freedom, location freedom, and time freedom.

Feb Results Yearly

The concept is to have enough money to not worry about money. The beginner results from this year were extremely low but we can still see that making a living day trading is possible. Within extremely low average of under a point a day, assuming 10 contracts, one would still be able to make over $60,000 a year.  Also, don’t forget Peru the disclaimer and disclosure at the bottom of the site in relation to these results.

Stay profitable my friends…

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