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Learning How To Day Trade (part 1): Advantages & Disavantages

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Learning how to day trade is something that has brought me great passion over the last 12 years now.  I have been able to live my dream through day trading and we at The Day Trading Academy have been able to bring that pleasure to many others.  Due to the overwhelming response to the front page feature on BBC and BBC World News we decided to bring you a learning how to day trade series that will teach you a bit more about becoming a professional day trade.

Hopefully this will educate you on exactly what is needed to become a professional day trader.  We will talk about not only the advantages of becoming a professional trader but also the disadvantages which most people don’t talk about.

Most people in the industry only talk about the great things of being able to learn how to day trade. They don’s discuss the negative aspects of the learning process. While we have been able to trade a slew of Master Traders that are now making a living day trading it isn’t easy. What we will discuss in the video is

  • Advantages
    -Work from anywhere in the world
    -Become your own boss
    -Set your own ours
    -Financial freedom – lots of money!
    -Set your own ours
  •  Disadvantages
    -Discipline & Patience
    -Emotional Stress
    -No security
    -Losing Money
    -Lonely profession

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  • Learning How To Day Trade
    • Part 1 – Advantages & Disadvantages (current post)
    • Part 2 – Best Markets To Trade (avail shortly)
    • Part 3 – How to Setup A Trading Business (avail shortly)
    • Part 4 – How To Find A Good Day Trading Strategy (avail shortly)
    • Part 5 – Watching A Live Trading Session (avail shortly)