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Volume Based Day Trading Charts

Volume based charts are great for getting an overall view of the market and being able to identify momentum in an overall area.  Instead of measuring what price action inside a specific set of transactions, volume based charts measure the rate of change in a volume flow rather than focusing on a time (whether in minutes, days, or weeks, etc).  You can have two different types of volume charts where you read the indications to trade and also have volume charts to gauge the volume for that day.  Most day traders use volume charts to gauge the volume for the day or even at specified times like when the market moves rapidly.

volume charts

volume charts

Some volume charts can be much more fluid but it really depends on the personality of the chart that you are trading.

If you are trying to compare tick charts with specific volume charts you can see some big differences in the charts.  The actual highs and lows remain the same between both charts but the pivots in between them are very different.  While you shouldn’t consider changing inbetween charts it would be better for you to back test and pull up both charts that you are trading in order to really see which would work best.  Another thing to consider is that the market is going to change its dynamic every once and a while so its best to really back test and find out what works out best for the market that you are trading.

I prefer to use tick charts because you are able to identify entries and exits better, especially with the special set of indicators that I use.  If you are interested in learning how to day trade sign up for my email newsletter for more information!

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