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February 19: Microsoft AI threatens to kill humanity, Binance leaving USA? Natural Disasters Increase (Recap Ep215)

In this week’s recap, we have a lot of “strange world” and “Marcello conspiracy” moments. The WSJ published an article advising to skip meals to save money, perhaps starvation is the solution to inflation. Microsoft’s IA chatbot said manufacturing a deadly virus, making people argue with other people until they kill each other, and stealing nuclear codes. Damage from chemical train derailment in Ohio continues to emerge. A theory is emerging that Nord Stream was blown up by the CIA.
Yep, we have “conspiracy Marcello” for a while.

Continue layoffs in US: Docusign – 700 employees = 10% of company, Yahoo – 1,600 = 20%, Twilio – 1,500 = 17%, Wix – 370 = 6%, irobot (roomba maker company) 85 = 7%. Amazon closed its slowest year of growth in the company’s history. Expectations US earnings-worst earnings season outside of a recession in 24 years.

Lawsuits rising against freight rail operator Norfolk Southern facing public backlash train derailments: First one led to a chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio;2nd one SE Michigan outside Detroit (same company); 3rd plant nursery fire in Kissimmee – no hazardous materials; 4th Truck Overturns In Arizona, Spills Nitric Acid, Shelter-In-Place Reinstated.

Russian Finance Ministry decides to sell gold to cover January budget deficit; PM Albin Kurti of Kosovo says accept EU proposal, for full normalization of relations between Kosovo & Serbia; International team astronomers confirms existence of K2-415b, an Earth-sized exoplanet circling just 72 light years away from Earth; 10’s of 1000’s of homes North New Zealand now without electricity due to powerful cyclone.


  1. Hi Marcello, did you say two hamburger meals in 2020 were $20 and in Dec 2022 that one hamburger meal now costs $20
    Soooo the price of the hamburger meal has doubled and that is 100% increase not 50%
    Good thing you don’t run a financial service company with math like that 🙂
    Stuart O

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