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Emini Trading

Emini Trading has morphed into the most traded commodities in the world.  When you consider what platform you should trade Eminis is the easiest type of entity to get started and also one of the cheapest.  I started day trading Eminis almost 10 years ago and have never looked back as the advantages are incredible!

I am personally trading a group of traders to use my day trading strategy in order to chronicle the process of what it takes to learn how to day trade.  Many people have asked me this very questions of what it takes so I decided to actually teach a group of traders.  If you want to learn more about my training program, get updates on the project, or even learn more about day trading sign up for updates below:


Advantage of Trading Eminis

Trading Eminis has many advantages from costs to getting started, capital required, and even getting your money in and out of the your brokerage account.  It is one of the easiest things that you can start and one of the reasons that I started day trading Eminis.  There are no regulations on short selling Eminis as its a speculators market.  When the 2008 crisis happened there were many stocks that the government restricted short selling on.  People that were trading Eminis were able to continue trading and short selling their markets with no restrictions.

Getting started trading Eminis requires no special accounts, takes little to no research, and is the highest volume market in the world now.  Most professional day traders are now day trading Eminis.

Getting Started Emini Trading

 Emini Trading is one of the easiest markets to get started on.  The margins for most brokers to trade the Eminis are as low as $500 and account opening requirements are also extremely low at roughly $5000.  Compare that to the $25,000 required to start day trading stocks.  Many people turn to high risk penny stocks since they don’t have sufficient capital.

Different Emini Markets

  • 6E: Forex futures: Dollar vs Euro
  • CL: Crude Oil Futures ($1000 profit per dollar of movement)
  • DAX: German Exchange Futures
  • ES:  Emini S&P 500 Index
  • GC:  E-mini Gold Futures Contract
  • NQ:  The Emini Futures Contract For Nasdaq Index
  • TF:  The Emini Futures Contract For Russell 2000 Index
  • YM: The Emini Futures Contract For Dow JonesIndex

Emini Language

When trading Eminis we have to understand that there is a different language and set of terms that we have to understand.  The Eminis move in points rather than dollars and there are ticks instead of cents.  Each market has its own unique movement, for example Crude (CL) moves at 10 ticks per points and the Emini S&P 500 has 4 ticks per point.  There is also variation between the profit of each contract, Crude is one of the markets with the highest profit with the movement reflecting $1000 per point and the ES is $50 per point.