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Day Trading and Traveling

Day Trading and Traveling around the world.

Traveling & Day Trading Overseas: Whats In The Bag?

Everyone always asks me how I manage to day trade and travel so I decided to share with everyone what I actually travel with and what put in my luggage as I am day trading and traveling around the world. I’m already in Brazil and the video that you see below is the way that I used to travel before Brazil. I have changed the way that I pack and travel out to were three times especially since every time I come […]

Good Bye Medellin… Hello Brazil

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to say goodbye to Medellin, Colombia and say hello to Brazil.  I haven’t planned yet where I am going to be actually moving to Brazil but I plan on arriving in Rio De Janeiro and then possibly working my way to Floripa (otherwise known as Florianopolis).  Here are some updates on things that I am working, where I am heading, and what I plan to do to make the my day trading strategy better. If you want […]

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