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February 21st & 22nd – The DoubleTree by Hilton (Tampa, Fl)

Jim Nikolia Marcello MannyVery excited for this year’s event. Those handsome Master Traders in the picture on the right will be in attendance and our newest Master Trader, Dr. Z, will also make it.  Almost every single member of the DTA family will be at our annual pro trader’s seminar in Tampa this year.

(Still waiting for James, aka Ice Man, to quite playing professional hockey and come and join us in our relentless pursuit to create a day trading army).

Our recent live Military Training event last October where our Master Traders were trading alongside our students LIVE opened up a world of ideas and possibilities. We plan on providing these 1 week live trading events twice a year in our various trading centers around the world.

We also have started to offer more one on one coaching and personalized training because of the improved results we have seen.

As we started in last year’s seminar, we will be having break out one on one sessions with our Master Traders in the afternoon. For those that would like a one on one session they do have to be reserved in advance. We will match everyone with the best Master Trader based on their ability and trading style. We will also be hosting student traders in our signature hot seats that are designed to improve trader’s flaws while also enhancing their strengths.

We have decided to reserve 5 seats for those that are not currently in the training program. Since we do not focus on software or indicators the concepts will be invaluable for those looking for consistency and profitability in the markets.  The availability to those not in the training program will depend on the current reserved seats for those in our training program however.  As of January 14th we have 3 of these 5 seats available.

See the recap from our previous events below and the schedule for this year as well.

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Schedule For This Year

Day Trading Seminar 2015

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Included in the event will be the normal two day seminar encompassing various facets of our dynamic training process.  We always like to make sure that we keep “a semi open” schedule to ensure discussing the most pressing topics and be attentive to the needs of all of the attendees.  We only plan to having a small group of 20-30 traders at this years event.  This ensures a more personalized training with no more than 4-7 traders per Master Trader. This has served as a more effective method to reach consistency in the markets.  This will give each student a chance for a live “hot seat” to address potential trading weaknesses.

With several of our master traders in attendance there will be the chance to personalize the training to each trader based on their needs.  The afternoons we will have master trader sessions and where we will host personalized one-on-one sessions with a master trader. If you are interested contact us below and we will be able to schedule you before the seminar with the trader of our choosing. We always try to match you with the trader with a similar trading personality.   The master trader sessions are a precursor to what will be the one-on-one personalized military training.

Openings for the seminar have been closed. If you are interested in attending please let us know via our contact page. Any more openings will be on a case by case basis. Click here to contact us.

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