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Crisis 2020: Did the stock market bubble just pop?

Today we are talking about why the market crash and if the bubble has finally popped.

2020 has been a pretty crazy year; The pandemic, the hurricanes, and now the elections of the U.S. next president. A lot of Marcello’s followers have been asking about what happened to the market and why it is crashing, so that’s the reason for this video.

The recent passing of supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spiced up things around the elections and created an uncertainty climate around them, especially if the elections get to the point of being like they did between Gore and Bush when the case went to the supreme court and the supreme court was who decided who the winner was.
This might create an uneven scenario in the U.S. political context since the “left” or the liberals might see their representation reduced when defending their ideas in front of the conservative party and that might end up unbalancing the decisions taken by the court.

This is only said as context. Marcello doesn’t like to take political subjects to the show but this particular situation is affecting the markets and how they will behave in the future.

The pandemic related lockdowns caused big damage to the global economy. Almost 60% of all small businesses had to close due to that situation. Also, the governments are creating a stimulus to push the economy back up but to do that, they are creating more and more debt. Almost reaching the point that would make that debt unpayable.

All of this is making the economic situation unstable and causing what looks like the market bubble finally popping.

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