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Coronavirus Pandemic: Next Few Weeks Critical

The coronavirus is a very relevant subject that is affecting multiple things day to day. In this video, Marcello shares his point of view in regards to the coronavirus and tells us its possible beginning, likely in a laboratory in Wuhan.

He thinks the virus started due to some tests being made on bats, they likely escaped the laboratory and given that all sorts of animals are eaten in China, maybe someone ate the bats infected with the virus and this is what started the spread of this virus that now has all scientists and health organizations focused on Asia.

He also talks about what the chinese government is hiding, and this gives us some hints about what’s gonna happen with the coronavirus, since China doesn’t want everybody finding out the problem they have with the coronavirus, and since most governments like to lie, they report that the virus is not a huge threat, but in reality, it is likely a way worse than they say it is, which is not only visible in a lot of people’s health, but also in the economy.

Marcello reminds us about what he had said in February 1st about what’s going on in China like: air transport down 40%, car transport down more than 20% and train transport down more than 40%, which means China is totally frozen and it looks like things could get worse. When this happens, precious metals go up and the stock markets go down a little. The positive part about this coronavirus problem is the oportunities that it brings for traders, since uncertainty and fear in the markets helps to have the volatility to be able to make much more money.

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