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Binance BANNED! UK Prohibits Crypto Trading

Binance banned in the UK (largest crypto exchange in the world). It is news of several days ago. We learned that Binance, one of the largest companies in the UK that offer services with cryptocurrencies, has been banned to stop its operation in that nation and clarify in their media about this ban.

The fact that Binance is banned in the UK (the largest crypto exchange in the world) is alarming and is a fact to analyze concerning the other situations that have been presented related to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. It is interesting what is happening because since the peak is seen in May in the cryptocurrency market, news about delicate situations that compromise cryptos in different countries has begun to come out and everything comes directly from governments.

We start with the UK justice department when it begins to investigate Binance and the lack of payment of taxes of its customers; China also began to remove the mining of cryptocurrencies in that country where precisely many companies were operating necessary for the operation of cryptocurrencies, and this is one of the reasons why you start to see this big fall, a deep setback with the price of bitcoin and some of the cryptos.

Now the largest crypto exchange in the UK is banned in this country, Binance is banned in the UK (largest crypto exchange in the world). The UK regulators have published on their website about this ban which expressly states that they cannot carry out any activity without a written authorization issued by the FCA, the UK regulator. Not being enough with the news of the ban, the FCA publishes on its website as an ultimatum, that before the end of June 30 of this year, the company Binance must put on its website and make it notorious, an announcement where it clarifies that Binance can not perform any regulated activity in the UK, this must also be issued both on the website and social networks and mobile application of the company.

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