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Things to know before traveling during Covid-19 Pandemic

Things to know before traveling during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The first thing to keep in mind and you should know is that things are going to change very fast especially now that people started to get vaccinated quite a lot, being the United States a little more extreme compared to the country Colombia which does not require any test to enter, but as time passes the requirements for travel may become a little stricter.
About the things you should know before traveling during Covid-19 Pandemic, there are restrictions by countries, which have a supremely large range compared to countries that do not require absolutely anything as are Colombia and Mexico, but this can change at any time for these two countries, therefore, as a recommendation before traveling you should look for the restrictions that has X country to which you want to travel.
Of the most extreme countries in requirements that should be known before traveling during Covid-19 Pandemic, are Chile and Argentina, which are countries that are recently reopening their economy and market, so they require the presentation of the vaccine, quarantine once you arrive at the country, the Covid-19 test, etc. The European sides are in the middle range of requirements, you need the vaccine and the Covid-19 test. And for the case of the United States from November 8, 2021, they are going to require the vaccine and the Covid-19 test, they are also going to open the borderlands, especially with Mexico and Canada. In conclusion, all countries will require the vaccine as a mandatory requirement to enter the country.

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