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Cry For Argentina But Don’t Invest There

Casa Rosada in Buenos AiresCasa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Thinking about investing in Argentina? Argentina has everything that is needed to be rich and prosperous except a government that respects and encourages private investment and development. The population of Argentina stands at over 42 million which means that it can sustain a strong internal consumer market as well as an export driven economy with […]

Weekly Investment Insights: Bring on 2014

Weekly Investment Insights: Bring on 2014

One can expect a rebound in a range of commodities because of the rapid decline in price in the last quarter of 2013. Economic growth although smaller throughout major areas of the world will put an upward pressure on prices while over supply in many sectors will exert a downward pressure.  So except for a […]

Weekly Investment Insights: Sept 21st – The FED Doesn’t Taper

Weekly Investment Insights: Sept 21st - The FED Doesn't Taper

The major news this week was the Fed announcement which stated that they were not going to taper and slow down the 85 billion dollar injections into the financial system. Currently the Fed is in between a rock and a hard place. If they taper the economy will continue to stagnate and is likely to […]

Weekly Investment Insights: Sept 13th – Recovery of Global Markets & Middle East War Fears Declining

Weekly Investment Insights: Sept 13th - Recovery of Global Markets & Middle East War Fears Declining

In this weeks investment insights the two main topics are the recovery of the global markets and the declining war fears.  A tentative agreement was made that there will be an agreement to make a negotiated settlement that Syria will give up its chemical weapons. China economy is doing better as expected and helped European expectations […]

Collapse of the American Dollar

United States debt crisisUnited States debt crisis

The collapse of the American dollar is being accelerated in a massive way by the way the United States government. This is a result in how it is funding the escalating debt and liabilities of the federal government. As stated previously in another article the United States is now unable to fund through taxation over […]

The Impact of Debt on the Value of the Dollar

United States National DebtUnited States National Debt

The impact of debt on the value of the dollar is being closely watched by domestic and international investors. In a previous article concerning the decline of the dollar we discussed the evolution of the dollar in the second half of the 20th century. The decline in the value of the dollar over a generation […]

The Decline of the United States Dollar

The Decline of the United States Dollar

The decline of the American dollar is still rapidly in motion as a set of fiscal and spending policies by the American federal government create a perfect monetary and economic storm. The continued strength of the dollar at the end of 2012 is more a symptom of the weakness and in one case the non-convertibility […]

End of the Euro?

Euro Crisis

The end of the Euro is a possibility that investors must consider. There has been numerous reports about the exit of Greece from the Euro-zone.  The experts continue to speculate how and when this will occur.  Greek participation in the Euro-zone was based on the belief that the Greeks would be somewhat responsible on government […]

The Best Countries To Invest in South America

Investing in South America

The best countries to invest in South America may not look as appealing as its peers in Asia, but many overlook the growth potential and rising political stability across the continent. Having heard about the rise of India for so long we decided to move to the new Asian giant in order to look at […]