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All Star Master Trader Seminar

February 15th, 16th, and 17th – The Westin Tampa Bay Waterfront Hotel (Tampa, Fl)

Our pro traders seminar scheduled for this year is going to be a very special event and something that we are very excited for.

We are considering it an All Star Master Trader Seminar since many of our most successful master traders will not only be attending but also presenting at this year’s event.

We will be hosting our usual powerful and intensive two day seminar with an unprecedented bonus master trader day for a chance to have one-on-one training with our most successful traders (Monday, February, 17th).

A trader must be approved for the master trader day and will only be for intermediate and pro traders.  Each trader will be able to reserve an individual Military Training session with a master trader and also attend Jim Steel’s presentation on his pro trades.  Please inquire about availability for the Master Trader day.

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Included in the event will be the normal two day seminar encompassing various facets of our dynamic training process.  We always like to make sure that we keep “a semi open” schedule to ensure discussing the most pressing topics and be attentive to the needs of all of the attendees.  We only plan to having a small group of 10 – 20 traders at this years event.  This ensures a more one on one approach which has served as a more effective method to reach consistency in the markets to learn the system that we teach. This will give each student a chance for a live “hot seat” to address potential trading weaknesses.

With several of our master traders in attendance there will be the chance to personalize the training to each trader based on their needs.  This third day option we are going to beta test sharing newly developed trades and stop loss management for our more advanced/pro traders they will be on an apply only basis. If you are interested in attending the master trader session and having a one-on-one session with a master trader contact us below and we will be able to schedule you before the seminar with the trader of your choosing.  Currently we only have slotted 8 master trader sessions on Monday.  The master trader sessions will also be a precursor to what will be the one-on-one military training to learn the system we teach.

Pro Day Trading Seminars

Recap of the Day Trading Seminar in Feb 2013

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We have many traders that are experts in psychology he will be covering a wide range of topics including how to manage your mental state,  mastering your emotions, and how to perform at an elite level consistently through master trader behaviors.

Jim Steel, otherwise known as Superman, will be discussing our new dynamic stop management system (dHTS) that he has developed which is in tandem with our powerful HTS management system.  He also will be introducing the new trend line breaks (TLB) he has developed to stay out of low probability trades. If that wasn’t enough he will also be reviewing his many pro trades as well.

And of course we wouldn’t leave out Nikolai who many of your are familiar with from his market analysis during the weekly live classes.  As you remember Nikolai quit his job last year due to his success day trading using our proven methodology and is now trading for a living full-time.  Currently Nikolai is here with us In Colombia live trading with our in house traders in Medellin. He has been working with our hand selected group of local traders personally to help them reach profitability. He will also be sharing his unique look at the market environment and his detailed analysis of market psychology between the buyers and sellers who move it.

Student hot seats: Designed to hone the skills of each individual trader by having the student make decisions in a live market environment.  We target and identify the trader’s weaknesses in order to improve his thought process.

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Westin Tampa Bay Location

Location of the event at The Westin Tampa Bay

The Westin Tampa Bay

The Westin Tampa Bay where the event will be held

The event will be held at the beautiful waterfront property at the The Westin Tampa Bay. It is extremely convenient being just 5 minutes away from the airport and the popular Westshore Mall.

The hotel is also extremely near local restaurants, nightlife, and did we mention just seconds away from the water.  There are also budget hotel options near the hotel that are just a few minutes walk away.

One can look at the Holiday Inn Express or the Best Western for budget options.

Click here to reserve at the Westin: